ABR Interior Designer

Project is an idea, a thought.

The architecture of the building is inextricably linked with its function and interior arrangement. Therefore, from the very beginning of work, I carefully listen to the investor’s needs in order to adjust the design to his expectations. The interior design style depends on the person concerned. It is he who creates his space with my help.

For me all stages of a project are interesting, because in each of them dreams of my clients are being realized. I rely on my own sense of aesthetics. I break stereotypes and convince investors to bold solutions.

I take care of personal development. I participate in industry trainings precisely selected by me. Above all, I have visited over the years  (Salone del Mobile. Milano) International Fair in Milan. This fair includes furnishing of living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, youth’s rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

We can also find there outdoor furniture, interior and exterior lighting, technical equipment as well as lots of interesting extras.

However, the most interesting part for me is the pavilion dedicated to the latest projects of artists.


Anna Bogusiewicz-Rutkowska

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